Crown of the Continent

The Wildest Rockies

Steven Gnam

Stretching along the Continental Divide from Banff National Park in Alberta to the Blackfoot River in Montana are 16,000 square miles of land: the Crown of the Continent. Photographer Steven Gnam celebrates the natural, human, and economic value of this ecosystem in the heart of North America’s Rocky Mountains—an area that contains public lands, provides habitat for a community of species, and offers corridors and critical linking zones for wildlife.



About the photographer

Steven Gnam, a Montana native, has been documenting wildlife and landscapes across the western United States and Canada for over fifteen years. Most of his work focuses on celebrating and protecting the wild lands of the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. Steven’s photographs have been used by conservation organizations across the west, including the Nature Conservancy, NPCA, and the Montana Wilderness Association. His work has been featured by commercial and editorial clients, such as Patagonia, Backpacker Magazine, National Parks, and Montana Outdoors.