Braided River publishes large-format photography books about wild places in western North America. Our current focus is on protecting intact wild places, and we do not do projects about habitat restoration.

Each Braided River book project focuses on a critical environmental issue with broad support within the conservation community. Before committing to a new project, we work with photographers and authors to build relationships with conservation groups. These groups help to get books into the hands of key decision makers, and support events and outreach that give a project the power to inspire change.

Our ability to produce high-quality, timely projects depends on donations from foundations and individuals. Braided River photographers and authors are important spokespeople for each project, and are expected to help with fundraising efforts.

Once the book is published, the real work starts. Braided River photographers and authors must be interested in doing ongoing outreach, presentations, and exhibits. Our commitment to going "beyond the book" is key in our choice of new projects.




    If you have a project that would be a great fit for Braided River, please submit the following:

    • A brief query (cover) letter: a one- to two-page synopsis, including the project's purpose, focus, scope, and significance, including current threats facing the featured wild area.
    • A brief summary of applicable conservation campaigns and organizations that you have been in contact with to judge interest in the value of a book to current conservation efforts.
    • Sample photography: either a link to an online gallery, or folder of no more than 20 jpeg files.
    • Your complete bio including a list of all previous publishing credits and any other applicable credentials.

    If you aren’t sure whether your project matches our interests and project model, please send a query letter only, via email, to


    how to submit

    Please note: We do not accept phone queries or walk-ins.

    By email: Please put all manuscript materials (reading text only) into a single Microsoft Word file and send to

    By USPS or UPS: Please do not send hand-written materials or any original materials (manuscript, artwork, or photos). Include your name and address on all submitted materials. We will only return materials if adequate SASE and instructions are provided. Mail to:

    Braided River
    1001 SW Klickitat Way, Suite 201
    Seattle, WA 98134