Braided River is the conservation imprint of Mountaineers Books, an independent nonprofit publisher based in Seattle. Through photography books that lead to multimedia presentations and exhibitions, Braided River works to protect western North America's remaining public lands.

Our Values

Expanding the conversation beyond the core conservation community drives change.

Common ground can be reached by finding creative, nonpartisan ways to present contentious ideas.

Beautiful images are powerful and can change perspectives.

Change is possible when people are given tangible, positive ways to act.

Partnerships are crucial for building broad public support.


  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land was held up on the Senate floor and helped sway a vote to oppose drilling.
  • Numerous exhibits in the Senate Rotunda—including one on the Crown of the Continent of the northern Rockies—drew attention to timely issues before Congress and gave conservation partners a visible platform for their conversations with public officials and the media.
  • Yellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam made awareness of wildlife corridors, and the importance of connections beyond protected areas, a more mainstream concept for conservationists as well as developers.
  • On Arctic Ground showed members of the Bureau of Land Management what was at stake in America's Arctic—a place most had never visited yet whose fate they were tasked with determining—and as a result, the most rigorous preservation plan to preserve 11 million acres of public land was adopted.


Braided River and our ambassadors—the photographers and writers in the field—are deeply concerned about ethics. For every visual storytelling campaign, we abide by the following ethical guidelines:

  • Conduct with indigenous people. When interviewing or photographing individuals from indigenous communities, our photographers and writers enter into these dialogues with respect and strive to tell individuals’ stories in the most accurate of ways.

  • Fair business practices. Braided River values the art and craft of our photographers and writers and respects their livelihood by compensating them for their work and contributions.

  • Sustainable field practices. Our photographers work in fragile ecosystems, often in close proximity to wildlife. We make every effort to mitigate the ecological footprint of our photographers’ fieldwork and take great care when working near animals and their habitats.

  • Authenticity. Our work is only powerful if it’s authentic. Images are never digitally manipulated in ways that obscure truth or misrepresent subjects. Likewise, we maintain high standards for captions and accompanying text, ensuring they are accurate and errorless.