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Debbie Miller


. . . the Chugach National Forest is a place where you can witness glaciers carving and grinding the mountains, where new land is born as glaciers melt and retreat in the face of a warming climate.
— A Wild Promise


A lover of wild places, Debbie Miller has explored and written about Alaska’s wilderness and wildlife for more than four decades, most recently for A Wild Promise: Prince William Sound. For this book, she and photographer Hugh Rose explored and documented a wilderness expanse in southcentral Alaska, home to an array of wildlife and the world's highest concentration of tidewater glaciers. Debbie is also the author of Midnight Wilderness: Journeys in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Braided River, 2011), On Arctic Ground: Tracking Time Through Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve (Braided River, 2012), and numerous award-winning children’s nature books about Alaska. Learn more here.