Planet Ice

A Climate for Change

James Martin

Ice holds a unique role in that it indicates the condition of our planet. In Planet Ice, photographer James Martin examines the health of the earth’s ice, from Alaska to Greenland to the Andes, and documents the people and animals dependent upon it. This project pairs Martin’s photography with essays by experts in the field.



About the Photographer / Author

A trip leader for Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris, James Martin has contributed to Outdoor Photographer magazine and has seventeen books to his credit. For the Planet Ice project, he ventured to Antarctica, Greenland, Baffin Island, the Alaska Range, Mount Everest, Patagonia, Central Africa’s Ruwenzori Mountains, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Alps, the Canadian Rockies, Glacier National Park in Montana, Ecuador’s volcanoes, Washington State's Cascade Mountains, Alaska’s North Slope, the Three Gorges in China’s Yunnan Province, and Shishapangma, also in China. He is represented by Getty Images and ImageState. To learn more, visit James Martin's site.



Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia founder 

Ian Stirling, polar bear expert 

Richard Alley, ice scientist 

Gino Casassa, glaciologist 

Gretel Ehrlich, writer

Broughton Coburn, writer

Nick Jans, writer 

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“Life on the Ice,” Outdoor Photographer, April 13, 2010 



Independent Publisher Book Awards, Most Likely to Save the Planet – 2010

Atmospheric Science Librarians International, ASLI Choice – 2009