Discovering and Recovering the Salish Sea

By David Workman, Leonard Forsman, Mindy Roberts and Brian Cantwell

Photographs by Brian Walsh and 20+ regional photographers

Foreword by Martha Kongsgaard

A place where freshwater streams and rivers mix with the sea, Puget Sound is a magnificent and intricate estuary. This astonishingly beautiful waterway surrounded by mountains and forests supports an abundance of resident and migrating life, notably two iconic, interdependent endangered species: Southern Resident orcas and chinook salmon.

Created in partnership with Washington Environmental Council and brought to life by a coalition of Northwest partners, We Are Puget Sound provides inspiration as well as actions individuals and businesses can take to reverse these trends. Experience the region on this stunning visual journey through the complex web of marine and terrestrial wildlife, regional economies of fishing and agriculture, and through the lives of the people who call this place home. Essays by writer David Workman, Suquamish Tribe chairman Leonard Forsman, and WEC Puget Sound program leader Mindy Roberts, alongside striking images from Brian Walsh and more than a dozen other professional photographers bring this place to life.

“It’s up to each of us, the people of the Salish Sea, to take action so that future generations can experience clean water, abundant salmon, resident orcas, and thriving communities.”

— Suquamish tribal chairman Leonard Forsman and Mindy Roberts, leader of WEC’s People for Puget Sound program
“Let’s ask ourselves as we absorb this history and stories, what we would attempt, what we would safeguard and with what vigor, how we would live if we thought we couldn’t fail . . .”
— from the foreword by Martha Kongsgaard

About the contributors

This book and multimedia campaign is being launched in collaboration with Washington Environmental Council, a seasoned and respected nonprofit engaged with public policy at the highest levels in government and community.

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David is a Washington State writer and editor. David was a journalist at several newspapers before entering public service as communications and education director for several state agencies in Washington and serving as executive editor of state-published books and websites on natural resources, environment, social and health services, and technology.

BRIAN WALSH (Lead Photographer)

BRIAN WALSH is an environmental planner and nature photographer who has spent thirty years exploring the coastal lowlands and mountains of the Pacific Northwest with his camera.


Leonard has served as tribal chairman of the Suquamish Tribe since 2005 and is president of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians. His interests include cultural preservation, sustainable economic development, and habitat protection.


Mindy leads the People For Puget Sound program at the Washington Environmental Council, advocating for clean water, healthy habitat, and renewed leadership to recover and protect Puget Sound.


Kongsgaard, a lawyer, married Peter Goldman in 1988 and collaborated with him to found the Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation, which has invested in not-for-profit environmental, social justice, and arts organizations in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Brian J. Cantwell

Seattle native BRIAN J. CANTWELL retired in 2018 as Seattle Times travel and outdoors editor. After living on a sailboat on the Columbia River and Puget Sound for more than twenty-five years, he and his wife, Barbara, share a cabin with their two cats in the San Juan Islands.

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