Our Staff

Our Board

Our Resource Council

We are grateful to the following people for sharing their deep expertise with us and providing advice, counsel and support.

Brian Carter, Tom Campion, Sonya Campion, Jacob Engelstein, Margo Engelstein, Ellen Ferguson, Chip Giller, Tim Greyhavens, Martha Kongsgaard, Elizabeth Lunney, Kate Roosevelt






Our Donors

Without donors, our projects would only be ideas, and never come to be shared with audiences around the world. We extend our deepest appreciation to our donors.

HEADWATERS CLUB: Tom and Sonya Campion, Ann and Ron Holz, Craig McKibben and Sarah Merner, Jacob and Margo Engelstein



This list is updated annually and reflects gifts made in the past twelve months. This list above reflects donors who have contributed to Braided River between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.